Opting Out – The $1 Million Mistake

How to Win the Florida Lottery

Imagine you are asked to participate in a $20 lottery syndicate but you decline. No big deal right. I mean that $20 could go to pay for gas, a MacDonald’s, KFC or even as part payment towards a utility bill. But what would you do if that missed ticket ended up costing you a $83,000?


Missed Opportunity

In Plantation Florida the Friday morning had started off as any other day.

In Keller Willams Partners Realty firm the Friday morning began with the collection of the $20 stakes for that week’s lottery draw.

12 co-workers weekly polled there money in a syndicate to give them a better chances of beating the odds of winning the lottery.

Jennifer Maldonado had only started working at the firm but was asked to join the syndicate. As she had not been paid yet and was on a strict budget she declined fully intending to join once she was receiving her regular wage. Little did she know that saving her cash would end up costing her $83,000!

If You Ain’t In You Can’t Win

Jennifer didn’t believe that her co-workers had really won when she reported for work on Monday morning.

Everyone was screaming and jumping for joy exclaiming that they had won a major prize.

“I knew I was the only one who hadn’t put in the money” Jennifer told reporters, “so I thought they were pranking me”.

Then her boss came in and sat her down to tell her it had really happened.

Jennifer Stills Gets Lucky

Although she missed out on a big win Miss Maldonado’s co-workers have heart. They decided to cut her a portion of the winnings.

Although the sum being given to Jennifer is still undisclosed it is a great gesture on behalf of her fellow staff members.

It was decided that the co-workers work together so well as a team that they should enjoy their good fortune as a team.

“If we do the right thing and always care about other people, the right thing will happen to us”, was the message from the head of the office team, Laurie Finkelstein Reader.