I Won Again But I’m Not That Botherd

You would think that beating odds of 1 in 438,000,000 to lift a top lottery prize would make anyone smile. But for 1 English man it was just another day.

After George Traykov claimed a prize on the EuroMillions draw worth approximately $250,000 he told reporters, “I wasn’t really that bothered”. You see this is not the first time Mr. Traykov has won the lottery. In fact he just narrowly missed claiming a prize of $18,000,000 by missing out on just 1 number.


Double Win

However, he was not too disappointed because back in 2011 George was fortunate enough to land a $1.5 million take-home prize in the lottery’s Millionaire Raffle.

Double winner GeorgeTraykovAlthough his latest win would be enough to have most people jumping for joy George Traykov said the thrill of winning a major lotto prize was nothing, compared to what he really loves, skydiving.

He embraced skydiving at a very early age and was once part of the Bulgarian national skydiving team.

Now living in the UK Traykov has stated that he has always spent less than he made so money has never been an issue for him.

The fact that he is also a property developer means that is always had a good wage even before he won the lottery the first time.

His second win meant so little to him that he almost forget about it and only got round to claiming his prize 2 months after the win.

He then joking told reporters that he could well have even more money to claim as he had several tickets ranging over a few months that he had not checked yet.

Using His Winnings

Such is Traykov’s love of skydiving that he has passed it on to his teenage daughter.

The money from his first win was used to pay the high fees required for his daughter to attend a private school. He also used some of his $1.5 million win to pay for her skydiving lessons.

Plans for the Future

Having moved to in Ilford, Essex, in 1995 and establishing his property development business Mr. Traykov has no intentions of leaving.

As for the future, he merely said that he would not be surprised if he has a win on the lottery again as he intends to keep playing.



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