Number Analysis Applications – A.K.A. Gambling Systems

Has it ever crossed your mind that there may be a way to increase your chances of becoming successful in the lottery?

If you have ever given this any real thought then you are most certainly not on your own on this. Anyone who has ever engaged in any type of gambling and betting has wondered if there was a winning formula to beat their chosen game.


Gambling Systems

To some people gambling systems are pie-in-the-sky and not really worth investigating. However, there are people who have dedicated large portions of their lives developing systems to beat gambling games.

A prime example of successful gambling systems can be seen with card counters who use their skills to win at the blackjack tables. Although card counting is not illegal it is illegal to use devices to help you do it.

This is such a real phenomenon that casinos in La Vegas spend millions of dollars in security processes designed to catch out players who are using card counting devices.

Obviously not much can be done when a person uses just their skill and brain power to count cards but there is so much money to be made at this that an entire industry has sprung up to supply would-be card counters with the latest in gadgetry to achieve the same aim.

Lottery Systems

It should not be a surprise then to lean that black jack is not the only target for using 21st Century technology to beat the odds.

There are some skilled lottery players, with a mathematical and/or statistical background, that have created and then enlisted formulas, techniques and even software systems designed to beat the most popular gambling game on the planet.

Where they successful?

That is the 6 million dollar question.

Perhaps 6 million is an understatement.

The Multiple Winners

Winning the lottery for most of us would be an amazing experience never to be repeated.

But for some lottery winners winning the jackpot seems like par for the course – a regular and often not unexpected event!

The most famous cases involve ex-mathematics teachers and static professors but there are also ordinary people who have claimed more than one jackpot prize who claim to have used specific systems.

Are we to assume that these people are lying, disillusion or just plain crazy?

For most “rational” folks the answer to that question would be a resounding “yes”. But if we assume that the people claiming to have won the lotto using secret systems were just lucky then how do we account for their multiple wins?

With odds of winning a jackpot in a standard pick 6 lottery at 1 in 14 million you would need to be very lucky to win once.

But winning 4 times, 5 times or even 7 times, as some people have done, goes way past luck as the odds are 1 in a septillion.

The fact is that, statistically speaking, winning two or more jackpots through luck alone can only occur once in every quadrillion year.

We therefore cannot reasonably attribute this to blind luck, especially when it has happened to more than 1 person!

Within the pages of this sit ewe plan to discover just how they did it!